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Do you ever stop and think about what made you smile or laugh today? The most random, fleeting things that brightened your day? I usually don’t think about it much, but sometimes some inexplicable things make me notice that I wasn’t smiling before, and now I am.

From today:

The convertible with the top down in barely 50 degree weather, blasting Bob Marley, stuck in stopped traffic while I biked past.

The thought of “broccoli rabe” being a dude named Rob with a Jew fro.

Five people laughing and whooping in the dark as they pushed their car down the street toward the repair shop.

Accidental Poetry from the TiffanyBot

Back in October/November 2013, there was a sudden influx on my Facebook news feed of What Would I Say? status messages. Basically, the robot version of yourself uses your past post history to generate new status messages using a bigram and unigram probabilities-based Markov-model.

It seems that instead of posting my bot-self’s status messages at the time, I saved them for posterity as an email draft (that I just now found). And you know, TiffBot can be rather poetic — albeit by accident.

Found the hiccups.

but i have a mountain.

prepared for the confused

Just looked up my horizon.

22 pages / we’ll dream tomorrow

We communicate through groves of poison oak…

I have now

I strongly suspect TiffanyBot has a better chance than real Tiffany at getting poetry published…

Skyline-to-the-Sea (6/21-6/22)

A much-belated recap of Tiff & Tiff Go Backpacking, Take 1!

Skyline-to-the-Sea has been on my to do list since high school, and I finally convinced someone to hike it with me. TiffHu valiantly came with me and subjected herself to knee-and-ankle torture and unreliable maps for the 30-something miles of backpacking through the redwood groves of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Read on for the recap and photos, plus alternate itineraries and planning tips if you’re interested in hiking it yourself. For a more colorful commentary replete with spelling mistakes, check out TiffHu’s recap.

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Excerpts from Rule of Thirds

I’m theoretically doing NaNoWriMo again this year, making up my own rules on relative word counts. I’m failing miserably, but that’s what happens when I try to write while working full time.

All the same, between word sprints on my phone and Melissa-enforced notebook writing while we were in Yosemite, I’ve managed to word vomit up some halfway decent words.

Here are some excerpts that I’m unreasonably proud of having written.

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Last week, in clauses

Big, crazy week. No time for complete sentences.

Frantic code reviews. Climbing with a new belay partner. Long hours with engineers. Stealing built-in retina displays to take HD screenshots. Texts that made me smile. Unintentional stalking. An interrupted trivia night. Antsy dancing. Delirious video chat at 11pm. Delirious launch day. Obsessive refreshing. McDonalds hash browns. So many McDonalds hash browns. Stress-induced insomnia. Long meandering walk around downtown Mountain View. Easy conversations, irrepressible smiles. A single bottle of Canadian maple syrup. Exhaustion and happiness.

Garden Update

It’s tomato season! Despite never actually forgetting about my heirloom tomato plants, I have been extremely patchy with watering them. In defiance of my neglect, the plants have been producing tasty tomatoes.




The patchy watering did result in some blossom end rot at the beginning of the fruiting season. According to the internet, these black patches on the bottoms of the tomatoes come from a calcium deficiency, which is actually just a symptom of inconsistent watering. So this tomato plague was completely my fault. Go figure.

Luckily with some consistent watering and a daily reminder to water my poor tomato plants, the blossom end rot went away. Now I’m just on a mission to make my own mozzarella to go with my basil and tomatoes!


World Cup Hairstyles, revisited

Looks like I’m not the only one who felt like writing about soccer players’ hair. Check out FiveThirtyEight’s analysis of World Cup hairdos: Mohawks, Faux-hawks And Macklemores: The Top-Heavy Hairdos of the World Cup

And I leave you a photo of USMNT’s Michael Bradley, whose lack of hair makes him look like a terrifying alien. Or one of those, “what would they look like without eyebrows?” fun-with-photoshop Buzzfeed articles.