Do you ever stop and think about what made you smile or laugh today? The most random, fleeting things that brightened your day? I usually don’t think about it much, but sometimes some inexplicable things make me notice that I wasn’t smiling before, and now I am.

From today:

The convertible with the top down in barely 50 degree weather, blasting Bob Marley, stuck in stopped traffic while I biked past.

The thought of “broccoli rabe” being a dude named Rob with a Jew fro.

Five people laughing and whooping in the dark as they pushed their car down the street toward the repair shop.

Accidental Poetry from the TiffanyBot

Back in October/November 2013, there was a sudden influx on my Facebook news feed of What Would I Say? status messages. Basically, the robot version of yourself uses your past post history to generate new status messages using a bigram and unigram probabilities-based Markov-model.

It seems that instead of posting my bot-self’s status messages at the time, I saved them for posterity as an email draft (that I just now found). And you know, TiffBot can be rather poetic — albeit by accident.

Found the hiccups.

but i have a mountain.

prepared for the confused

Just looked up my horizon.

22 pages / we’ll dream tomorrow

We communicate through groves of poison oak…

I have now

I strongly suspect TiffanyBot has a better chance than real Tiffany at getting poetry published…