A compendium of strange search terms that direct here

(I am undoubtedly perpetuating these search hits by posting this.)

japanese pooping

what is the fattest gummy bear

pooping into the sea

western coat and pent sketch

landon donovan with hair (as opposed to ‘without hair’?)

фотообои зима (what??)

free pictures of cranberries trees

perry boys smorgy logo image

i am the only one who cares (how very lonesome…)

pooping girls images (what is this obsession with poop??)

heavy size images+4mb

lone dog snow

they are “turned on,” relaxed, hip, groovy, and active. (… er, actually, I know exactly why this directs here)

ultraviolet dancers

opportunity cost of becoming a doctor (oh, you thought I answered that question?)


(I think I’m going to write a story called “ultraviolet dancers” now.)

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