Things I will do when I have my own kitchen

The holidays possibly bring out the worst in me. That being my bratty, picky, OCD baker self.

  1. Invest in a stand mixer
  2. Buy chocolate chips whenever they’re on sale at Safeway*
  3. Not leave raw meat sitting around in uncovered bowls. This is a thing at my house, apparently.
  4. Bake no-knead bread and not worry about taking up space in the fridge
  5. Keep a constant supply of pesto
  6. Be able to make oatmeal raisin cookies without worrying that my dad ran out of his usual organic oatmeal and subsequently used up all the oats that I bought specifically for baking cookies because they’re cheaper and no one cares whether or not they’re organic
  7. On a related note, buy non-organic oatmeal
  8. Attempt to make a batch of pain au chocolat
  9. Have my own container of ground cinnamon instead of the clumpy cinnamon in the pantry at home that my parents insist on using up before buying new cinnamon
  10. Have a dedicated shelf for my laptop and a set of speakers for browsing recipes and blasting music while I cook

*Conversation in the store yesterday
Mom: “Why do you need to buy more chocolate chips?”
Me: “They’re on sale! I want to stock up!”
Mom: “You never bake with them.”
Me: “Yes I do! I bake chocolate chip cookies for my friends!”
Mom: “You never bake things for us with them!”

One thought on “Things I will do when I have my own kitchen”

  1. Can I live with you?????? Or at least share the kitchen?????
    1. YES
    2. I do that too except also with butter and then my mom freezes it without me knowing so whenever i actually need it i have to defrost it or just go to Safeway and buy MOAR BUTTER
    8. YES
    9. YES

    Slash bar?

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