The Rockhounder’s Sonnet

(In honor of Lucas, who has been obsessed with the poetry textbook I gave him. Sound and Sense, we salute you.)

~a Shakespearean sonnet~

Right here where rocks must stand to meet the sea,
There lies a strip of stones that brightly shine.
So scattered there, each thought and memory
Awaits my choice — discard or keep as mine?
Among mere pebbles I find agates cloaked
In ocean’s salt, now dry beneath the sun.
But look, what beauty there if washed and soaked –
We’ll find the stones that mark our days as one.
Before you came I thought that rocks were rocks,
And days would pass without the need to choose
Which moments to keep safe inside this box
To cache these stones that I fear I might lose.
    So polish, treasure all these rocks so rare
    To then put on display the love we share.

(Originally written 4/29/09)

(Also, “rockhounding” is a weird word.)

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