NaNoWriMo 2012: Which No’?

Hello friends, casual visitors, and spambots! As some of you may remember, I did National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) last year in a hilarious month of word vomiting, medical school application writing, blogging, and surgical procedures.

Long story short, I didn’t reach 50K in November 2011. (But I did reach 50K in February 2012. Doesn’t count.)

It’s a new year and a new NaNoWriMo, which means it’s time to pick a new novel idea that’s going to be the bane of my existence in the month of November. Here’s where YOU come in. Help me decide which one to write!


  1. Will
    Genre: literary fiction
    Premise: After a debilitating accident, recent college grad Will gets lost in the alternate reality of his coma/dreams while his friend Katherine tries to bring him back to reality. A coming of age story wrapped in a surreal dreamscape.
    Pros: solid and fully fleshed out characters, the disconnected nature of the surreal dream sequences makes it less likely for me to get bored, story could use a speed draft just to fill in the story and see where it goes
    Cons: minimal story line planning has been done
    Existing story bits: 1 2 3
  2. Evenfall
    Genre: fantasy (epic)
    Premise: The Evenfall Prophecy states that a set of twins, pit against each other by pride and circumstance, will bring about the end of magic in their world. The story follows precocious twins Kaeden and Kiersta as their lives inevitably fulfill the prophecy. An epic saga of possibly tome-like length. Oh, and did I mention it involves dragons?
    Pros: DRAGONS, magic, epic write-by-the-seat-of-my-pants action scenes, extremely long story line that I could write out of sequence all month
    Cons: while the middle is relatively developed I have no idea where this story starts, no concept of pacing, I can’t take myself seriously when writing fantasy (see here)
    Existing story bits: 1 2
  3. Rainwalkers of Penryn
    Genre: science fiction
    Premise: Set in the future, when humanity has razed the earth and caused environmental disaster, and the survivors establish themselves in underground metropolises. Twins Xan and Annilea, both members of the elite surface-restoration corps, go AWOL on the surface to rescue their kidnapped younger sister.
    Pros: cool blend of environmentalism and badass scifi, could use a speed draft like (1) just to fill in the story and see where it goes, characters mostly fleshed out
    Cons: futuristic world needs work, no idea how the story goes from point A to point B, haven’t touched this story in years
    Existing story bits: 1 2 3 plus Pengel’s Universe, a short story that’s not posted online in its revised entirety
  4. Rule of Thirds
    Genre: mainstream/literary fiction
    Premise: The three children of a photographer must cope with the sudden death of their father. Left with loose ends of their individual relationships with him, the siblings try to reconcile their versions of their father and the secrets he kept.
    Pros: interesting exploration of family dynamics, main characters are fleshed out, really really like the narrator
    Cons: runs the risk of turning into a depressing book or an overly literary coming-of-age-with-a-romantic-side-plot story, less action and more contemplation
    Existing story bits: 1 2 plus an unfinished short story/prologue that I’ll post later
  5. Skies Over Kalispell
    Genre: mainstream fiction/romance
    Premise: complicated girl falls for rock star bad boy? I bet you can fill in the rest. Started with the goal of writing a romance story with better writing than Fifty Shades of Grey (high standard, that)
    Pros: plot mostly planned, straightforward but fleshed out characters with some dynamism, same narrator as (4) but a little younger
    Cons: if I can’t take myself seriously writing fantasy, I can tell you I definitely can’t take myself seriously writing this
    Existing story bits: 1 2
  6. The Literary Adventures of Zeus Jorgensen
    Genre: mainstream fiction
    Premise: Bat-shit insane friend becomes the literary agent for a talented writer and whores him out on various writing jobs.
    Pros: episodic by nature and therefore easy to get a new ball rolling mid-month, room for hyperbole and absurdity
    Cons: conceived as a collaboration with Seth (could still rope him in? eh?), no thematic ideas for this one and not really any planning has gone into it
    Existing story bit: names are irrelevant

Thoughts? Comment below to make your opinion known!



Q: Are you ever going to finish The Jade League (NaNoWriMo 2011)?
A: Maybe. Eventually. One day.

Q: You wrote a column about the experience last year. Are you doing it again?
A: Nope. 1,667 words per day is already enough. And let’s be real, who would run that column of panicky nonsense?

Q: Wait, aren’t you working a full time job this year?
A: Yes. I’ll make it work?

Q: Are you making up these FAQs as you go along?
A: These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…


Lastly, to distract you, a picture of my dog:

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