“Doing things” progress report

It’s only been nearly 4 months since I posted a to-do list. Time to see how I’ve been doing…

Read a book
Actually, I read several. I  finally got around to finishing Skip Horack’s short story collection that I borrowed from Jaslyn ages ago, then started impulse-buying books on Amazon just to get myself to read again. Given how little I liked most of these, I’m going to go with Jaslyn’s recommendations from now on. Quick reviews:

  • Southern Cross (short stories by Skip Horack)
    Highly recommended. I might be biased because he was one of my fiction writing instructors, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.
  • The Fault in Our Stars (young adult fiction by John Green)
    Ugh. Touching, but only if you can get over the fact that it’s narrated by an annoyingly self-important high school girl.
  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (novel by John LeCarré)
    Slow, considering this is supposed to be a suspenseful spy novel. I liked it once it got going, but it took a while to get there. I also watched the movie after reading the book. Maybe it made less sense than the book because I was busy playing Candy Crush the whole time, or maybe movie-going audiences came out of that movie super confused. Hard to say.
  • One Day (novel by David Nicholls)
    This was one drawn out chick flick in novel form. Good girl falls for bad boy, bad boy inevitably breaks good girl’s heart, and way down the line bad boy is changed by good girl. The overdone storyline that keeps every girl falling for jackass guys. Ugh. But hey, they did make it into a chick flick.
  • Divergent (young adult fiction by Veronica Roth)
    Maybe it’s my abiding love for young adult scifi, but I really liked this one. While also the start of a dystopian young adult series like Hunger Games (I’ve got a draft of a review somewhere in my old files), it’s better written than Hunger Games, the main character evolves in such a cool way, and THERE’S NO LOVE TRIANGLE. What more could you ask for?

Write a short story
Nope. I’ll get to this… eventually.

Write some code
Nope… unless reading engineers’ commits at work counts.

Paint some abstract things
Forgot about this one! It’s time to hit up the craft store.

Climb some rocks
Indeed! Well, indoor rock climbing walls, and I clambered up a rock memorial on a hike the other weekend. I have to do more of this though, since it’s not worth having a climbing gym membership if I’m not going.

Take some pictures
Some miscellaneous photos taken with my phone. Time to relearn how to use the dSLR…


That’s all for now! Time for some writing and some more reading.

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