“Lazy” Sundays and so-called “free time”

Gird yourselves. I’m trying to post regularly again…

It’s been a while since I’ve written a substantial blog post, a journal entry, or really much of anything (besides email, and even that… I finally forced myself to reply to a bunch of emails that have been sitting around in my inbox for ages). With so much of my personal identity revolving around writing, this is traumatizing to the extreme. It makes me feel like I’ve lost touch with myself, and I’m not wrong in feeling that. So here I am, metaphorical hat-in-hand, writing something.

I’ve had a lot of things going on lately that I’ll post about in detail in the coming days/weeks, but here’s what it boils down to: I was working too hard in a job I didn’t always enjoy, so I made it my New Year’s resolution to restore work-life balance.

It took a fair amount of effort to break away from my work habits, but I forced myself to turn inward. Not so much in an introspective way, but more in a self-care kind of way. I’m an introvert through and through (despite how it seems sometimes — need I go back to the “lone wolf complex”?), and it didn’t actually take much to rediscover the quiet hobbies to keep me occupied.

Let’s be clear though: I’m a workaholic. I love being busy. So the real difference was that I worked on things on my terms. Learning Python on Codecademy. Re-reading my favorite fantasy series (Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials) as a form of genre research as I contemplate writing my own fantasy series. Making and carving soap.

So the little things got me to a point of learning how to make “free time” again, though that feels like a misnomer. I have “non-work time” now, and I’m starting to do things with it! More on that soon, but the accomplishment of the day was dusting off this blog, posting this, and getting myself excited to post some more.

(And in completely unrelated news, being an adult is terrifying. I’m solely responsible for the fact that I bought a pint of ice cream and a 11-oz. bag of Cool Ranch Doritos last night, and I’m pretty much done eating them both not 24 hours later.)


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