In which I plead the case against long hair on guys

So it’s that time again, when the US suddenly decides that oh yeah I guess that game THE REST OF THE WORLD PLAYS should get some air time. It’s FIFA World Cup time. And since it’s summer break, and I’m only just starting work, I’ve had free rein to wander the internet watching recaps, reading blogs, and noticing phenomena. Aaaannddd the one that I’m picking on is the general unattractiveness of long hair on guys.

Some background: my friend Daniel does not believe me when I tell him that girls prefer short hair on guys. He also has tried the long hair look, and didn’t believe me when I told him it was less than flattering. At this point, I have yet to find a girl who doesn’t agree with me in both the general and specific case — so if you have a strong preference either way, by all means tell me about it. Below, I have included an email I sent him, pleading my case.

DAVID BECKHAM, a case study

Maayyyybe borderline passable, but the blog I got this from referred to him as Goldilocks.
Gross. Like really gross. The suit doesn't help.
Muuuuch better.



Although admittedly the shirtlessness may have something to do with that.

Have I proved my point yet???

To better iterate: long hair has the power to transform an otherwise super attractive guy into a thoroughly unattractive person.

That is all. For now.

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