Case study #2 of soccer stars’ hair length

Another email to Daniel, which I may soon follow with a general “Poor choices in hairstyles of soccer stars” post — mostly because today while watching the US vs Slovenia match, I remembered that Landon Donovan used to have bleached blond hair.


His hair is always a little… shall we say… messi?

But this is just getting out of hand:

Notice the curl over his shoulder.

Also not flattering to his face shape:

The headband doesn't help.

Oh god.

(On a practical note: do you have any idea how annoying it is to play sports with hair flying in your face?! I’m a girl, I would know!)

Muuucchh better:

D'awwww what is going on in this picture?

Granted, he looks pretty angry in this picture, but I’m still digging the short hair.

Sweaty post-game, but nowhere near as gross as he was with long hair:

And last but not least…

This girl is liking his short hair too.

And can I just point out that he is being touched in all these photos of him with short hair? (I swear, the google image search just came out that way.) Just sayin’…

And with that, I’m back to work. Coming soon: maybe an actual blog post not about soccer players’ — rather to put it the RIGHT way, footballers’ — hair. But more likely another post about poor hairstyle choices.

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