The Recipe Files

What with having friends who love baking, and living on my own all summer with my own kitchen, the avid cook/baker in me has now assembled a fair collection of recipes. A few of these have been requested by friends/family, and others I just want to have around for permanent reference. So I’ll start posting recipes under their own separate category.

A few things about my recipes:

  • I use improper fractions for ingredient lists. I consider it good practice to avoid misreading numbers when my hands are covered in flour and my computer screen is dimmed. If you have a problem with it, consider it good practice with fractions.
  • Also for clarity’s sake, I fully type out tablespoon and teaspoon, and often use the Tbsp vs. tsp convention.
  • Many are taken from other places, in which case I cite the source at the beginning. I often alter the instructions or add notes on easier/alternate ways to do things.
  • My instructions are generally very straightforward and basic, but I add notes at the end to describe changes in the ingredients and tips for parts of the process. If you’re going to follow any of my recipes, I’d recommend reading through to the end.


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