photoThat’s me. You can tell I take myself very seriously. I look ridiculous in pretty much all photos of me from the past two years, so this is the best we can do.

For more: http://www.tiffanyshih.com

Check out some other things related to me below:

  • Parting Pigeons — my writing blog
  • From summer 2009 – summer 2013, I  worked as an EMT with Stanford EMS, and was the president from June 2010 to June 2011.
  • I was a teaching assistant for the Stanford EMT Training Program (Surgery 111/211) from Fall 2009 through Fall 2011.
  • I was a resident assistant in Cardenal, a four-class dorm in East Florence Moore Hall from September 2010 to June 2011.
  • I’m the founder and lead coordinator of Saratoga Game Control (which should probably get a website). While it started in Saratoga, the last Game ran overnight and spanned most of the South Bay. I also worked on two overnight renditions for East and West Flos in 2011. I’m in self-declared retirement, but some have started clamoring for another round…
  • My friend Tiffany Hu and I started Thick as Thieves, a group writing blog that was active from 7/2008-11/2008. One day we’ll bring it back…

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