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Procrastination + Merlin

A deadly combination for me: somewhat sick, very tired, a vague amount of work to do, and a fantasy TV show with an entire first season on Hulu. And thus my past two days have been sucked away by resting in my room and watching all 12 episodes of Merlin, season 1.

This BBC fantasy show is a retelling of the Arthurian legends, of which I have learned a lot about in the past few days, mostly through Wikipedia and Youtube clips of the cast discussion/exploring the history of King Arthur and the titular Merlin. The young Merlin is played by deceptively tall, vaguely elfish Colin Morgan (in one Youtube clip: “Your cheekbones are kicking right off in this shot, mate.” “Are they?” “Oh yeah.” “You likin’ them?” “Hellooo ladies!”), but I have to admit that I’m a bigger fan of the more dashing/more of a prat Prince Arthur (not king yet), played by Bradley James, who’s hilarious behind the scenes.

Some random things found while trolling the internet.

I have no idea where these bears came from, or why they're posing with them in costume, but come on -- it's just presh...

Also, the faces of budding young princes Arthur and Simba.

Hahaha... Not sure who decided this would be hilarious, but it is.

And some Youtube videos: Bradley and Colin singing an 80’s power ballad Bradley gets stranded in a train station Behind-the-scenes: blow-drying hair in the forest

With that, I get to work… and maybe start watching season 2.

Recap and instrumental cats

Things that have happened since I last blogged:
– went to SF with my family for Mother’s Day dinner
– made biscuits
– met with my academic advisor and decided he was awesome
– panicked about my outline for my 12 page PWR paper
– did my outline quite terribly, but finished it nonetheless
– saw Harlem Duet and decided it was amazing
– lost brain and common sense
– lost phone
– went insane
– recovered brain, but common sense is still out there somewhere, as is phone
– sketchily disappeared and bought a cheesecake
– haphazardly planned and threw a surprise birthday party for Seth
– studied organic chemistry. A LOT.

Also, tonight will be the death of me.

Also, cat playing a theremin. What’s a theremin? This is a theremin.


Quick post

First, to clarify that last status line: Gerke stopped by earlier today, looked around the room in the sketchiest manner possible, shushed me, and put two beers on my dresser and ran away. So… I’m just going to leave them there until he comes back for them…?

Other than that, life has pretty much sped up to supersonic speed and I really hope I can keep up. Mmm… more on that later. I’m falling asleep.