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Kick-ass Playlist of Perfectly Transitioning New(ish) Music

  1. Varsity Fanclub – Complicated Girl (remix feat. Jax)
  2. Jesse McCartney – Runnin’
  3. Jason Mraz – The Dynamo Of Volition
  4. Ben Jelen – Stay
  5. Matt Nathanson – Suspended
  6. Jason Mraz – Butterfly
  7. Daphne Loves Derby – Hammers And Hearts
  8. Ari Hest – They’re On To Me
  9. Motion City Soundtrack – Time Turned Fragile
  10. Matt Nathanson – Sad Songs
  11. Ben Jelen – Rocks
  12. Motion City Soundtrack – Broken Heart
  13. Matt Nathanson – Pretty The World
  14. Daphne Loves Derby – No One Is Convinced
  15. The Last Goodnight – Pictures Of You
  16. Matt Nathanson – To The Beat Of Our Noisy Hearts
  17. Motion City Soundtrack – Attractive Today
  18. Daphne Loves Derby – What We Have Been Waiting For
  19. Jason Mraz – Details In The Fabric (feat. James Morrison)
  20. Jesse McCartney – Told You So
  21. Matt Nathanson – Sooner Surrender
  22. Cartel – Wonderwall (Oasis cover)
  23. Jesse McCartney – Right Back In The Water
  24. John Mayer – Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

You have to give me credit for being able to put Jesse McCartney and Daphne Loves Derby in the same playlist. Pretty much this whole list is made up of songs by artists that I’ve really actually listened to during the past four days or so. As of last month I was listening almost exclusively to full albums by only a few different artists, but I finally got around to getting albums from a few artists that Pandora recommended.

Somehow this playlist makes me very happy. Although the masterfully executed transitioning makes it so that when it finishes playing, I’m really depressed. And then I start from the beginning again!

Now I’m going back to working, where I will be encoding the infinitive and verb tense of about 10,000 responses. Hey, it’s better than nothing.

Debut of the PHP form

So… pretty much PHP is amazing. I have decided thus. I wrote this blog entry using a PHP form… AND IT DOESN’T LOOK ANY DIFFERENT FROM USUAL! Many thanks to Ben Roth for putting up with my random and naive questions.

And now, I should probably go do something productive with my life. Like maybe sleep eventually.

Sick again

What the potato. How is it that I’m sick again? It’s awfully similar to whatever I had last time…. ah well, nothing a little acetaminophen can’t cure. [Note: the word “cure” is used in the loosest sense of the term.]

In case you didn’t notice… say hello to Kethadros’s Halloween layout! Nothing like a little Edgar Allen Poe to get the blood chilling for All Hallow’s Eve.

Too sick to be coherent anymore. Back later…

Kyboar fail

So my kyboar i that it woul giv out on m. Noti th onspiuous lak of rtain lttrs.

If you |)i|)n’t un|)3rstan|) that, allow m3 to l33t sp3ak it for you: “So my k3yboar|) |)3(i|)3|) that it woul|) giv3 out on m3. Noti(3 th3 (onspi(uous la(k of (3rtain l3tt3rs.”

Right now, th3 3 (l3tt3r b3tw33n |) an|) f), |), an|) ( stopp3|) working an|) I hav3 no i|)3a why. An|) th3 numb3r thr33, whi(h I am typing with th3 fun(tion k3y an|) numb3r pa|) on my laptop.

So nothing n3w until I g3t this fix3|). I (an’t 3v3n work on th3 (hapt3rs I’v3 b33n thinking about. Ba(k to p3n an|) pap3r I suppos3. Q_Q

Up and running!

At long last, here it is: KETHADROS.NET!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting some old Parting Pigeons entries, plus maybe a few shorts that I’ve finished in the past year. Graphics forthcoming, too! Basically most of my Saratoga Soundings submissions will be up by the end of May XD

Kethadros will be a little different from the blogs and websites I’ve had in the past. Actual day-to-day type blog entries won’t be on this main page (then again, it depends). However, check out Fallen Finch if you’re drama/rant-inclined.

That’s all for now! =)