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Garden Update

It’s tomato season! Despite never actually forgetting about my heirloom tomato plants, I have been extremely patchy with watering them. In defiance of my neglect, the plants have been producing tasty tomatoes.




The patchy watering did result in some blossom end rot at the beginning of the fruiting season. According to the internet, these black patches on the bottoms of the tomatoes come from a calcium deficiency, which is actually just a symptom of inconsistent watering. So this tomato plague was completely my fault. Go figure.

Luckily with some consistent watering and a daily reminder to water my poor tomato plants, the blossom end rot went away. Now I’m just on a mission to make my own mozzarella to go with my basil and tomatoes!



I spent some time working in our garden this weekend. David Agus says gardening is good for your health — so into the yard I go.

I’ve been growing herbs and succulents since I moved out of my parents’ house, but my current place has a yard (and therefore expanded opportunities to grow things). This weekend, I planted three heirloom tomato plants in our little raised bed.

Heirloom tomatoes!
Heirloom tomatoes!

Hopefully they won’t get dug up and eaten like our ill-fated zucchini plants. That might have also been my fault or Melissa’s — neither of us really watered them. The zucchinis were planted with some little freesias (that also suffered from the under-watering) and an apricot tree (which seems to have survived the under-watering all right).

Poor little freesias...
Poor little freesias…

The original herbs are still doing decently. The mint, as predicted, has grown like crazy, so I’ve dedicated an entire planter box to its mojito-fueling, weedy madness. I’ve had to get a new basil plant every year, which I think is normal¬†(it’s an annual, right?)…¬†either that or I’m just a cruel gardener that lets my basil plant freeze to death every winter.

Foot for scale. There's also one little weed, but I thought the leaves were pretty and let it stay.
Foot for scale. There’s also one little weed, but I thought the leaves were pretty and let it stay.

As for the succulents… I have a succulent problem. My coworker Soquel suggested that I blog about it, but that’ll have to be its own post. For now, here’s a succulent that I bought this weekend because it was so weird looking. It’s hanging out in a pot with some of my other succulents that I’ve replanted.

Guess which one I bought out of pity.
Guess which one I bought out of pity.

That’s all from the garden this weekend. Fingers crossed I don’t forget about the tomatoes!