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Yosemite, Mono Lake, and Devils Postpile (6/6-6/8)

Brace yourself for some belated trip recaps — too many trips, not enough time to write recap posts!

My dad and I took our annual Yosemite trip again this year, just the two of us. I took that Friday afternoon off work so we could fit in two days of hiking and photography. All in all, we had a little too much driving in this year’s trip, but we did see some new sights and trails!

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Clouds Rest (8/26/11)

Meant to post these photos a long time ago. (I’m also working on a trail guide, but that’ll have to wait until later.)

And don’t forget the first panorama:

Conversations with my father: Shorts (6/22/11)

My dad tells me this a lot.

Dad: Put some shorts on — it’s hot.

It’s usually in Mandarin Chinese, which puts it in more of an urgent/exasperated tone. I’m not entirely sure why he’s so insistent on telling me this, except that I think it makes him uncomfortable to see other people wearing more clothes than he is when it’s hot. After the past two days of excruciatingly hot weather (I was wearing shorts), today he took one look at my jeans and, despite the comfortable mid-80 degree weather, told me to put some shorts on. Why??? I’m perfectly fine with jeans, and I’d change if it were too hot. Stop micromanaging, Dad, I’ve got it under control. Also, for the record, I’m a lot more fashionable than he thinks I am. Not that I’m very fashionable at all — he just thinks I’m fashion-challenged or something. He says this even though he walks around all day every day in a tshirt and khaki shorts (or sweatpants).

Conversations with my father: Interview request (5/1/11)

My good friend Amy asked today if she could interview me on financial aid spikes at Stanford, and its impact on those who pay full tuition. I was quick to agree, although I mentioned that my dad could probably give some better insight on the financial impact. So I called home to see if he’d agree to an interview.

Dad: “Why does she want to talk to me? I don’t have anything special to say.”
My sister (who is home at the moment, and overheard the conversation, since my dad always answers on speakerphone): “Dad, they’re probably looking for someone representative of most people.”
Dad: “What do they need that for?”
My sister: “You’re the voice of the people!”
Dad: “I’M the voice of the people?! Oh no no no…”

At some point I mentioned that it’s to compare the impact on us versus the people on financial aid. (My dad gets very excited and riled up when he’s on the phone with any of his children. I’ve noticed this.)

Dad: “None of my children were on financial aid!!!!” (This is partially untrue — we did help with outside scholarships and by getting paid to staff in dorms)
Me: “No–Dad–I know that, I’m just–”
Dad: “But my youngest daughter cost me the most! I can tell you that!” (I’m the youngest daughter.)
Me: “….. Dad…..”
Dad: “But then! She was smart and saved me some money in her last quarter by camping!”
Me: “It’s called Camp Stanford*, Dad.”
Dad: “Yes, exactly. Camping!”
Me: “I–never mind…”

That is all.


* Camp Stanford is where you live in the dorms and participate in all the activities but don’t take any classes (generally) during your senior spring quarter. A good number of honors students do this, to focus on their research/theses, but some people just finish early and hang out. The benefit is reduced tuition ($9K reduction for spring 2011).