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Awesome juxtaposition

“Yesterday I was rocking out really hard to Rage Against the Machine while reading a NYT article about how kids need to be hugged when they’re little.” -Lucas


Also, tangentially related only because of what Lucas and I were talking about at the time, my gchat status:¬†somewhere in the acknowledgements for this novel will be an insufficiently epic thank you to Russ Chimes for Expressway Mix, Parts 1, 2, and 3. (AND OMG THERE’S A PART 4).

Time zones

The problem with having friends scattered all over the world is there’s this awkward time between 9pm and 1am when none of them are awake and online. And that’s when I really want to catch up, because I’ve got nothing better to do except maybe do problem sets, but who cares about that?

To be more accurate, my friends aren’t exactly scattered all over the world. In fact, they are in two specific time zones: GMT+2:00 (Cape Town, Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen) or GMT-4:00 (Washington D.C., Santiago). So when the GMT-4:00 people go to bed, I have ~4 hours until the GMT+2:00 people wake up. And then not all of them are on the computer… alas.

I guess I should go be productive or something.

(On an unrelated note, my friend Jeff’s Facebook status: “I JUST SAW a short chubby-ish Asian kid with glasses holding the hand of a cute White girl, who is taller than him. Get it, Boy. You’re living the American dream.”)