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A motley collection of places I want to go

And generally for no apparent reason. With the year ahead of me wide open, it’s time to figure out where on this globe I want to breathe their air.

US: Redwood City/Stanford (CA), Milford (MI, to visit Seth), Austin (TX, to visit Lucas), Seattle, NYC, DC

EUROPE: France (Paris, Arles, Aix-en-Provence, Loire Valley), UK (London, Edinburgh/Glasgow), Germany (Berlin, Hamburg to visit Brian, Munich), Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice), Spain, Switzerland, Greece (Athens)

ASIA: China (Xian, Great Wall, Southern China along the Li River), Taiwan (visiting places where my parents grew up), Hong Kong, Singapore, Maldives (SCUBA diving!), Japan (aid efforts?)

CENTRAL/SOUTH AMERICA: Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Chile

Any additions? Thoughts?