ABOUT The Jade League

When Paris’ secret police identify Etienne Laroche, leader of the Jade League, he is forced to stay underground and find a new mage to replace him. He finds Mira Rousseau, an American mage searching for her missing friend. Together, they lead the fight to overthrow the terrorizing, corrupt government.

ABOUT The Author

Tiffany Shih has been writing since… well, it’s hard to say. She is a 22-year-old college grad from California (go #PenNaNo!) who enjoys writing, dancing, reading Wikipedia, rock climbing, hiking, swimming, and making spreadsheets. She has written a smattering of short stories and poems, and has made a few vague efforts to write novels. Her training includes 1.5 years of poetry in high school, and 3 quarters of creative writing (fiction and nonfiction) at Stanford University. Currently in the midst of her gap year, she is spending her time applying to medical school, writing, building websites, and traveling. Tiffany is also the Web Editor at the Leland Quarterly, and is writing a NaNoWriMo column for the LQ blog.

ABOUT This Site

This site is primarily here for those friends/cheerleaders who are keeping an eye on the word count and wondering what the actual words are behind the numbers. Powered by WordPress, web hosting by Hostmonster. Header image from ladylikeyou.

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