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To Hunter, wherever he may be

The night is cold without you here
The frost has covered the porch
My neighbors ask
Why stand out there?
But I don’t feel the chill
Wrapped up in fleece, plus a hat
Numb toes nestled in the grass

If I had been the howling type
I’d have raised my head and bayed
Baying and singing till the moon fell down
Here in my arms to light your way

That must be why you haven’t been back
I’m not the howling type
(Though if I were, I highly doubt
You’d have liked me much like that)

I searched for you
You know
My dear
I solved the riddles you left behind
And I cleaned the clutter in the attic
Slew the demons that hid our smiles

They’re saying that our rent is due
They’re saying I should go
Perhaps they’re right, I can’t go on living
In this lonely too large for one home

But one day
Some day
I’ll wake up to bacon
And you standing on a kitchen stool
Flailing a dish towel at the smoke detector
And chasing bacon fumes

Or maybe I’ll come home from work
To your keys already on the counter
You whacking the DVD player
Again and again
Until it relinquishes Firefly, disc two

I haven’t moved your things quite yet
(Except those attic ghouls)
Your shoes still where you left them
Your yesterday’s pants crumpled on the floor
I think perhaps you embarked stark naked
Just headed out into the dark

You must be cold
Out there and bare
I hung your coat just by the door
A kettle on the stove each night
Some tea to keep you warm

So come back soon
My sweet
My prayer
The rent’s been paid through March
Come burrow deep inside the bed
So I may find you there

Do you remember?

a perfectly amicable breakup

she says over coffee
calmly emptying a packet of Sugar in the Raw
peppering over a milk foam heart
swimming in her latte

NO ONE got hurt
it was all VERY LOGICAL

(relationships aren’t supposed to be logical, i remind her)

she shrugs
vortexes away the sugared heart with a spoon

MAYBE it was logical
because it wasn’t LOVE

Rewind / play

(Originally written 8/3/09)

Replaying memories
And over
The empty space
Where you belong
Fills with wisps and
Brushes, feather weight
Reminders of strong arms
Once wrapped around my sleeping form
We all seek comfort somewhere
But you
And I
Blown apart once more
There we are again

Yo tengo

If you knew her you wouldn’t be so quick to judge—
that’s what they said anyway.
The lilt of her laugh,
the twist of her smile,
the sway of her walk—
hell, everyone judged.
Whispers, glances, shrugs…
And she’s acting like they don’t know—
like they don’t know how smooth their worlds can be
but hell, we’re all ready for her. Come and astound me.

But at night she whispers to me
warns me
tells me shhh…
It’s gone, it’s gone
—and it won’t come back.

A/N: I’ve been collecting the random phrases that pop into my head late at night — the ones that sound strangely fluid and poetic and only come in the night. Wrote this poem based on a few of them.

From things misplaced

Still I wonder why we’re left here
Singing to the darkness
Drawing out the lullaby
Of some lost sleep.
Where fingers grasp no more
The common air that ties us
How long will I be screaming
To a night that never listens?
So lifelines sawn away
By might-have-beens floating
On seas we once discovered.

(A/N: More and more, I don’t understand the poetry I write.)