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Friday afternoon

(originally written 12/1/08)

“You know whose work I admire?” asked Erica.

“Whose?” questioned Derek.

They were lounging around in the captains’ room, Erica on a beanbag and Derek face down on the couch with his legs dangling off the arm. They enjoyed these lazy Friday afternoons following the weekly briefing, when they had no sense of responsibility until the next day when the vague idea of Monday’s homework kicked in. Sometimes they watched a movie, sometimes they played computer games against each other, but most of the time they ended up like this: sprawled out on the furniture while making idle conversation.

Erica turned over, and most of her hair escaped from its ponytail to fall across her cheek. She half-heartedly swept it back, only to have it fall back across her face again. She gave up and answered Derek’s query. “Frank Gehry. The man’s a weirdo, but you know I aspire to that sometimes.”

Derek made a sound of agreement into the couch cushions.

Rolling onto her feet, she went over to prod his static form. “You awake?”

“Yes,” he mumbled as he shifted onto his side to look at her. “You know Gehry designed some jewelry for Tiffany’s, right?”

“Blue box Tiffany’s? No, I didn’t know.” She sat down by his legs and leaned back onto them. “How did you know that?”

“We have them on loan. I wouldn’t have noticed, but Zev and Alex have been collaborating on a costume department database and they gave me a walkthrough on Tuesday.”

“Mmm,” she muttered.

Derek glanced over at her. His legs were going numb from her weight, but she was falling asleep and he didn’t feel like bothering her. She deserved a break after the past few weeks.

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Chivalry and Galas

The next morning, Jay walked into the briefing room with unexpected news.

“They’re letting us choose our own partners for Friday’s Gala dinner,” he announced, seating himself on the desk where Erica was working.

She looked up, disapproving of his choice of seat, and set her chin in her hand. “Oh really?”

“Yep. And by choose, I mean chivalrous asking on the part of those who possess a Y chromosome. Good old-fashioned normal high school-style asking of girls to a dance,” he proclaimed.

Laughing, Erica pushed him gently off the desk. “Can’t you see I’m working?”

“You’re always working these days,” he observed, pulling up a chair to sit properly. “What’s up with that?”

“I have some catching up to do. If you didn’t remember, I disappeared for a month, and now I have to learn everything you guys did while I was gone.”

Jay glanced at her computer screen. “You’ve been programming the entire two weeks you’ve been back?”

“No, of course not,” she corrected him. “I saved all the CS assignments for last, so I’m almost done.”

“Well then!” he exclaimed. “Screw catching up! You can program in your sleep. Have some fun! Why don’t you let me convince a fun guy to ask you to the Gala?” he suggested, wiggling his eyebrows madly.

Trying hard not laugh, she pushed his face away with her hand. “Go away,” she said, only half meaning it as she went back to work.

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The Gehry Necklace (a scrap)

(originally written ~6/7/2008; I’ve since started rewriting this story)

“Hey! I saw that!” protested Derek. “Mommy! Erica licked the spoon!”

Erica giggled happily, sticking her tongue out at him to show him the cookie dough in her mouth.

“Eww,” he said, wrinkling his nose. “My mommy says you can get Sal-vanilla if you eat cookie dough.”

She swallowed the dough in her mouth. “What’s Sal-vanilla?” she asked.

“It’s this disease where you grow tentacles out your nose and you start smelling like vanilla ice cream,” he informed her.

“That’s not that bad,” she replied, thinking. “Except for the tentacles.”

“They’re green,” he added.

“Eww, I don’t want green tentacles coming out of my nose!” she cried.

“Then don’t eat the cookie dough,” he finished with a hint of satisfaction.

Derek’s mother shushed the children and took the cookie sheet and bowl of cookie dough from the table between them. “Do you want to learn how to make caramel candy?” she asked Erica.

Derek instantly jumped out of his chair and started dancing around. “Caramel! Come on, Erica, let’s make caramel! It looks really pretty and it’s yummy, too.”

“Okay,” she said, sliding out of her chair.

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a necklace

This is a necklace from Tiffany & Co. designed by the architect Frank Gehry. A drop pendant in sterling silver, it’s part of his Orchid collection for Tiffany’s ($275, if anyone wanted to know).

This means something special to Derek. I thought up a scene ages ago (it’s been two years or something obscene like that), but I haven’t gotten around to writing it. Maybe I’ll do that this week in between stressing about this week’s projects and next week’s finals.