A/N: A scene for the future. Written back in October 2012, but found it again while going over character notes on Melanie.


I hear my name whispered through the haze of sleep. Well that’s nice. I’m sleeping.

“Melanie.” This time it’s spoken softly, and a distant part of my mind registers that it’s Chad. “Melanie,” he repeats, and I feel a tugging at the blanket that I’m sleeping on. “Come on, Mel. Get under the covers.”

Oh. I can do that. I shift over until I feel the comforter slide out from under me, then I curl up again on the sheets. Chad chuckles deep in his chest, the sound resonating even in my sleepy mind. The comforter comes down to rest around my shoulders. My eyes are already closed and I’m starting to drift off again when I feel Chad’s breath making my bangs flutter and tickle my forehead. He’s leaning down to tuck the covers over my shoulder and under my chin.

I’m almost asleep again when he climbs into bed behind me. A voice in the back of my mind reminds me that this isn’t normal, that I should get up and head back to my own hotel room where I can collapse in my own bed. But I’m too sleepy to care. And a part of me wants to be here, to stay so intoxicatingly close to him where I can feel his breath tickling my skin.

Then he shifts close to me, his legs tucking behind my bended knees and his chest against my back. He’s spooning me. Oh Chad… is that what we’re doing here? Is this what he wants from me, or does he want more? A hookup? A relationship? Sex? Or just the same thing I’ve been yearning for — closeness? Let’s be honest; I’ve been wandering blind and lonely since James’s accident. Maybe this, Chad’s arm around my waist and his chest rising and falling at my back with each breath — maybe this is what I need. To be close to someone right now, someone who I don’t feel the need to protect. Just to be close. Nothing more, but nothing less.

I take a deep breath and settle back against him, letting sleep take over once more.

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