In the movie theater arcade

(A/N: Will is not at all formed in my head, but I’ve decided based on that random thing last week that he travels a lot. He’s become the protagonist for my latest set of story ideas, so here we go…? Today’s freewrite based on the seed “arcade” from Purun.)

Will stepped into the arcade with his hands in his pockets. He wasn’t sure why he was protecting his spare change and not his wallet in his back pocket, but something about the jangling of the arcade made him want to shield the quarters and lint from harm. The movie wouldn’t start for another twenty minutes, and that would just be previews anyway. Besides, the movie would be on its way out of theaters within the next week, so it wasn’t like Will would get a bad seat.

Arcades were the same, no matter where he went. Movie theaters, bowling alleys, ice rinks, mini-golf courses, malls — all the same games and sounds and smells. This arcade featured an air hockey table, some shooter games, an old-fashioned pinball machine, Dance Dance Revolution (of course), and a couple racing games as well. Will didn’t feel particularly inclined to play any of them, but he had to kill time somehow and ended up watching two kids play air hockey until their game was up.

“You wanna play?” asked the girl who had just lost. She looked about sixteen, old enough to be in high school and figuring herself out, but still young enough that the world hadn’t shown her how complicated things could be. She had her light brown hair down and loose — he had noticed how she flicked her head periodically while she played to get her bangs out of her eyes.

“I — uh,” he stammered. Will hadn’t been prepared for conversation. If he’d been ready for it, he would’ve had some quick quip to throw at her, to shut her down unless she was hardened enough to throw something back. But he’d just been watching, killing time before he could let the movie wash over his senses. He hadn’t been planning on being engaged with anything tonight. Let it all come to him. After the past month of seeking out adventure, he just wanted adventure to show up and slap him in the face.

The girl was still staring at him, so he shook his head and shrugged at the same time and spun on his heel to walk away with the most nonchalance he could muster in his quick getaway. Wow. Way to feel competent, Will. He shook himself mentally and set off for the candy and popcorn counter. A little sugar and butter would put him back in a vegetative mood.

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