“Stay with me, Lex,” Annilea begged her brother, glancing alternately between the road and his still form in the backseat as she drove with one hand on the wheel and the other gripping his tightly. His hand squeezed hers slightly, and she felt him push his cell phone into her hand. She understood immediately. His fingers slipped from hers as she brought the phone to the front seat and called the first number on speed dial.

Praying she’d hit the speakerphone button, she tossed it in the passenger seat and groped around in the backseat for Xan’s hand again. The phone rang once. It rang again.

“Come on,” muttered Annilea, squinting at road signs as she drove.

The phone rang again.


“Cee!” yelled Annilea.

“Annilea? Where are you?” exclaimed Cecilia’s surprised voice.

“I can’t say,” Annilea answered, looking around wildly for another road sign. “Well, actually, I don’t entirely know for sure.”

“What’s going on?” asked Cecilia, with that genuine concern in her voice that Annilea knew Xan loved about her. “You sound-”

“You’re not on duty right now, are you?” interrupted Annilea.

“No, I’m not. Why do-”

“Do you have an emergency medical kit at your apartment?”

Cecilia caught on to the urgency of the situation. “Yeah,” she answered quickly. “I have it with me. What am I prepping for?”

“Bleeding. I can’t tell where it’s coming from. How fast can you make it to exit 2S of the L-track?”

“Exit 2S? I don’t have clearance that close to surface.”

Annilea swore. As a rainwalker, she’d forgotten that most didn’t have the same clearance level. “How shallow can you go?”

“Meet me at L-track 4W in eight minutes. It should be the easiest level 4 for you to reach.”

Annilea breathed out a sigh of relief. “Thanks. Don’t take your time.”

“I won’t.”

A/N: I wrote this scene about a week ago, but I think I came up with it while commuting home from work one day. There’s a second part to the scene except I wrote it way too fast and there are some major mistakes. It has to do with emergency transport and care of a patient, which happens to be what I’m learning as an EMT in training, only we haven’t gotten that far yet, so I’ll rewrite it in a bit.

Also, this scene is part of a new story I’ve been brainstorming since spring quarter. I’m hesitant to actually start writing for it, but I’m willing to scrap a lot of things along the way. The story focuses on three siblings, Bailey, Xan, and Annilea. I have a pretty good idea what the central plot will be about, but I’m still not sure how I want to approach it. So until then, here’s a scene that may or may not make it.

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