The Roosevelt Academy

This is the world/school where Erica and Derek’s story takes place. I’ve spent a lot of random, idle time developing this world and the storylines that go on here. For the most part, you can gather most of what I’ve planned from the shorts that I post. However, I’m writing this page to condense some stuff that might be handy to know.

The Ship
The school is set on a modified cruise ship. All the athletic facilities are contained on the ship, along with kitchens/dining hall, ballroom and reception areas for formal events and assemblies, student rooms, classrooms, and a special command center for running missions. It docks periodically and students go a-wandering, but for the most part the students remain under supervision.

After their four years of study at Roosevelt, students graduate with the equivalent of a high school diploma, and a bachelor’s degree. (This is one of the more ambitious stretches of the concept of Roosevelt.) Students choose to major in one of the following concentrations: Graphic Resources, Programming, Gadgets, Public Relations / Social Disciplines (PR/SD or “pris-dee”), or Research (the most versatile and ambiguous major heading); these correspond roughly to Graphic Design, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering/Product Design, IR/Communications, and “everything else”. Since most of them are recruited by government agencies or work in the private sector as consultants upon graduation, the fact that they don’t have a traditional degree doesn’t matter much. Students that do go on to graduate school go based on the merits of their classwork and experience from missions (see missions below). Of the Roosevelt Academy graduates who pursue advanced degrees, many do so while living in undergraduate housing in order to have a “normal” college experience.

The Captain System
Erica and Derek are the head captains of the school’s captain system. They supervise and organize missions and mission breakdowns/assignments. They were appointed and learned of their assignment upon arrival for orientation. As head captains, they selected the captains of each major concentration. The missions that are run rely on captains and their department’s teams. Captains take two languages instead of one, take command training courses, and meet with the head captains once a week to plan/get briefed on missions.

Missions are based out of the academy’s connection (remember: this is all my brain and my fiction here) to government agencies like the CIA, NSA, FBI, etc. They basically are situations that force Roosevelt students to apply the knowledge they’ve learned, plus think on their feet. Once a mission is assigned, the captains select a team to complete it. The teams are often composed of students from a mix of majors, and are often formed specifically for an assignment. At the school’s inception, one team of each gender was deployed for each mission, but this type of competition was quickly scrapped as Erica and Derek proved the benefit of their collaborative efforts. The captains benefit from the leadership training, and the students gain practical knowledge of how to apply their skills. Students receive mission points, which factors into their major completion requirements. Missions are assigned by Major Johnson, a military officer who works for the academy, or Lieutenant Evans, another military officer with higher faculty position at the school.

Timeline (Archipelago)
Here’s how the pieces I have posted here fit together:

I have way more planned out than these pieces here, but I wanted to give an order to them, especially since the relationship between Erica and Derek changes so drastically between the character description and “Aftermath.” There are also a few that go after their graduation, found in the Archipelago “post-roosevelt” category.

Characters (Archipelago)

  • Major characters: Erica Larelius, Derek Tasalis, Kerri Andrews, Jay Cordizan, Leo Deluca
  • Minor characters: Jinx Li, Ben Forth, Blair Cunningham, Alex Shin, Giselle Delacroix, Khonen Green, Zev Jager, Melissa Williams
  • Faculty: Lieutenant Kathleen Evans, Major Miles Johnson, Marilyn Beckett, Frederick Belles, Angus Bobbin, E.J. Lux*, Lillian West, David Torrens**, Elian Keetz

* Mr. Lux is a real life teacher and taught my high school Chemistry Honors class. He’s awesome and deserves a cameo.
** David Torrens is modeled after Mr. Matt Torrens, who taught my AP US History class in high school and is equally awesome.
More faculty will probably be based on teachers/professors I’ve had, but I haven’t stuck them in the framework of the school yet.

Other generations

Two generations of Roosevelt students that follow Erica’s and Derek’s class are in development. One is head-captained by David Feldman and Emily Tasalis, Derek’s younger sister, but isn’t very developed at all (aka the Fandango class). The other is headed by Esther Lynde and Daniel Adelson (the Kaleidoscope class), and has its own host of characters and alternate universes like the Archipelago class. (There currently aren’t enough posts for the Kaleidoscope class to warrant a timeline or characters list.)