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Author’s Notes
Notes, not “real” writing.

A novel-in-progress chronicling the story of twins Alexander (Xan) and Annilea Simmons and their younger sister Bailey. To them, our present day life is part of a lost past. They live in the world we have left to our children — an ecological disaster of global proportions that has forced humanity to burrow underground. In the midst of surface restoration, continued agriculture, and bitter land wars, a twelve-year-old Bailey is kidnapped by terrorists, forcing the twins to use their expertise on the surface to bring her back.

  • Pengel’s Universe is a short story written for my fiction writing class. Told from the points of view of Xan Simmons and Gus Pengel (a grad student in our time), the story contrasts Xan’s life underground with Gus’s surface life — tempered by Gus’s perspectives on environmentalism.

Anything relating to BanjoCats Productions, a musical and film production company formed by me and my friends. We have yet to produce anything, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

An experiment in impressionistic writing, telling a meta-story about story creation. There’s some fun formatting planned that warps the reading of the story. Written on a whim, as some things are. Currently still incomplete.
By the way, it’s pronounced “kohv-AR-with” (where the “th” sound is like “the”). It’s Welsh.

Jade League
A novel-in-progress that was started in 2006 and revived for NaNoWriMo 2011. Writing from NaNoWriMo is posted at [http://kethadros.net/jade/]. On a future Earth plagued by depression and corrupted government, crime lords have taken over major cities while rural areas, victims of the instability, descend deeper into poverty. Mages who had just begun to walk tall beside their fellow humans are now forced to live in secret. The story focuses on Mira, a young American-born French mage, and Etienne, the head of the resistance league in Paris. Clips that surface here serve the purpose of character, background, and plot development.

  • Journal Entries are a couple tidbits I wrote to explore the characters’ backgrounds and the events before the novel’s opening.
  • The Call Girl is a story that builds the background for two minor characters, Oliver and Elizabeth. It should have about 3 parts total, but I’m not working on it currently.

Yes, this category bears the same name as my domain. Before Kethadros was a website, it was the world of my first major fantasy novel attempt, The Gathering. I worked on The Gathering through most of high school until I decided the lack of coherent plot in combination with inconsistent characters just should not be written anymore. Now with three different incarnations, Kethadros is basically my playground for fantasy writing.

  • Evenfall is the most recently developed story in this group. In a reimagined version of Kethadros, where the Ternion (dragon riders, seers, and sorcerers) rules over the planet, twin siblings Kiersta and Kaeden are foreseen to bring about the end of magic as they know it. Shamelessly recycles character and setting names from previous plotlines.
  • The Gathering is the original story fantasy story set on Kethadros. It centered around two main characters, Samantha and Ethan. It pains me, but hey, it’s here for the sake of completeness.
  • Theylin-Azalea is a story I started working on around 2009, but have largely left alone for the past year. It’s set in much earlier times in the same world as The Gathering, in a time of kingdom wars, and when magic and channeling were far cruder.

A motley collection of characters live in Miramonte, which is either a town or a house or something. Much like the Roosevelt Academy before it, this has been serving as the default setting for many of the things I’ve written. Call it laziness or call it convenience, but anything I visualized as occurring in Miramonte or using characters I associate with Miramonte will get thrown into this category. (Also home to my short story from English190.)

Pretty self-explanatory. Mostly blurbs instead of full pieces, but that really depends on how I’m feeling.

Poems or poem-like things. I have a penchant for randomly composing sonnets.

Roosevelt (Archipelago)
Erica and Derek are the two main characters of a story I’ve been developing on and off since sophomore year in high school. This category houses all stories relating to them and their classmates in the inaugural class at the Roosevelt Academy. Most stories here are for the “Academy” incarnation of these characters, but they also pop up now and then as my default name/personality combos for random snippets.

  • Pandora’s Box is a short story on genomic ethics that I wrote for a genomics seminar. It takes place at Roosevelt Academy, with some modifications for the sake of story flow (ie, cutting out the whole captain system). I posted it here as I wrote it, then revised it separately and turned it in for class. In its finished form, it’s over 7000 words (25 pages double-spaced, plus 2 pages of technical notes and references). In February 2010, it won the Stanford 2008-2009 Introductory Seminars Excellence Award.
  • post-roosevelt all the shorts/excerpts that take place after the characters graduate from Roosevelt.
    • Finding Derek is an arc that I came up with a long time ago and recently finally started writing. I’ll get to it… eventually. (It matches up with another arc called “Finding Erica” that I also came up with a long time ago but never even started writing.)
  • Rainwalker is a story “using” Erica and Derek as themselves, along with several of their friends from school, but does not take place at the Academy itself. I basically transplanted all the characters to a boarding school somewhere in New England. When/if completed, it should have a total of 3 parts.
  • The Gehry Necklace is a story that chronicles the ups and downs of Erica and Derek’s relationship — all the parts that their friends at Roosevelt don’t really know. Still working on how to structure and write it, since it’s pretty epic.
  • The Terrible Trio takes place during new student orientation at Roosevelt Academy. It tells the story of how the Terrible Trio (Jay, Leo, and Derek) formed, and sets up the beginnings of student-student dynamics at Roosevelt. I had a lot of fun writing this one…
  • When One Captain Gets Sick was started at first because I get sick often and decided one of my characters needed to get sick. Later, I decided it was a good segue into a description of the captains’ rooms,  but never really got around to that.

Roosevelt (Kaleidoscope)
Once I got bored with the Archipelago class, I started developing another class at Roosevelt Academy, headed by Daniel and Esther. They’re an interesting combination — computer hacker and cosmopolitan operative — with their own interesting history, not unlike Erica and Derek.

  • Amos-Esther consists of four main parts, tentatively “The Alps”, “Charles de Gaulle”, “Kentucky”, and “California”. As often happens, the whole story is in my head, but I’m writing it sporadically and out of order. It also needs a title.

Rule of Thirds
Originally a three-character portrait about the children of a photographer, but spinning into something longer involving family dynamics, coming to terms with death, and growing up.

Named after the protagonist because none of the working titles feel right (“That Which I Bequeath”, “The Oneirology of Will”, “Elsewhere”), but this is theoretically a novel-length project. Still trying to figure out where the compelling story is, hidden under everything, but I’m forcing my way through the uncertainty, writing with the delicacy of a jackhammer. The main characters at this point are Will, Kate, Spencer, and Arianne.

(Last updated 6/27/2012)